Santander are shit

So today I received someone else’s new cash card in the post, phoned Santander to tell them their mistake then spent twenty minutes arguing with the bloke who answered the phone about his suggestion that I go to a branch and sort it out there. He didn’t seem to get that it wasn’t my mistake and that therefore I just wanted him to sort it out. But because this account and its contents have somehow ended up in my name he just kept going on about what their processes would and wouldn’t allow him to do.

He was pretty damn rude to be honest, saying ‘just listen to me… Let me finish’ and going on about ‘but if we close the account we’ll send you a cheque for the balance and it won’t be your money’. I KNOW – that’s why I’m calling cos I don’t want someone else’s money.

This follows my only other experience of Santander customer services where the bloke on the phone couldn’t get his head around the idea of linking my savings account to a non-santander account so I could, y’know, get the money out. He kept pointing out that I had a cash card and PIN – so… what? If i want to get the money out to buy a house or something I have to just get the whole lot out from a cash machine and wander down the street with it?


I just hope that when ‘the sales team track down the original application’ as promised and allocate the account to the right person they don’t send my actual accounts with it. :S


EDIT 21/09/12

    I checked back in to my Santander savings account in around February this year and found I still had access to the other customer’s account. I called them again and they again failed to rectify it so I removed all my money from my accounts and left. I am still, at this point, able to log in – and if I chose to I could remove another person’s money to my current account.

    In other news… today my wife needed to get a verified copy of her recent bank statement to help with a mortgage application and was told by her Santander branch that they could not do it because it wasn’t a Santander mortgage.

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4 Responses to Santander are shit

  1. Scatman Dan says:

    How did you end up opening post addressed to somebody else in the first place?

  2. moofymay says:

    I honestly can say, Santander are the shittest bank in the whole world ever, every time i ring them or go into the branch i am frustrated! EVERY time they can never help in the branch, there is never any fucking cashiers behind the desk and then they say you can ring up our helpline which you then sit on for fucking hours hoping that they can help and then the don’t.


  3. barry white says:

    those fucking shitty cockslappers at shytander have fucking taken their last fucking piss with me, the basterd shitlord crap mariners. they and the completely fucking useless turd merchants at the financial ombudsman made me wait three whole months for my £750 and then tell me i have to go and beat it out of of some random other customer their fag assed deskjerkoffs gave it to. those brainachingly useless cunting wank meisters are going to endure my psychotic hammer wielding rage in every bastarding last one of those turgid cockcheesing sesspits they work in.

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